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Female official royal guards

Female official royal guards

Female official royal guards

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    Female official royal guards
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    Bamboo sunset
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2022-01-26 09:14:24
Mengyanxi disguised herself as a man and went to the capital, but offended Lu Chenyi, the leader of the town's Fu Department, because of her recklessness. The two fell in love with each other. They thought they would never meet again. Unexpectedly, they were sent to the town's Fu Department by their cousin. Is it true that the friends don't get together? Lu Chenyi is cruel and cold-blooded. When they meet such a boss, they also suffer a fortune telling disaster autopsy, patrol, arrest, and she has three legged Kung Fu to see how she arrived numerous cases such as suspense, extermination and corruption are waiting for her, so they have solved many cases together. During this period, they have experienced many hardships and have feelings for each other, but in the end, there is hatred between them. Where should their fate go?

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