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Gong TA June

Gong TA June

Gong TA June

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    Gong TA June
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    The end of autumn has come
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-05-03 09:07:22
Since Qiu Yuexi left her life in June, it marks the beginning of the preface of Gong tea in June. In fact, many people will leave and stay for you in our life. Gong DA and Jun grew up together. Gong Da's dream is to be a designer, and Jun wants to be a photographer. Jun once said that when she grows up, she wants to shoot his design works for Gong DA and keep them for a lifetime. But dreams are easy to break. After ye Qin, Gong TA gave up his design dream and was forced to put down her SLR in June. The three of them grew up together, but ye Qin left their life first, and the relationship was broken. Jun likes Gong tea since he was a child, but Gong tea doesn't know it. He thinks he likes only Ye Qin all the time. It was not until lanli, Qiubei and Gu Nansheng appeared that he began to wake up slowly