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Just want to flirt with him

Just want to flirt with him

Just want to flirt with him

Rating: 9 / 10 from 36111 ratings
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    Just want to flirt with him
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    Luo Yunran
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    People Books
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2022-06-30 12:30:37
(tell me the important thing again, this book is no longer free) · [soft cute sister + domineering school grass boss + sweet pet text + illogical] · # Jing Xi came to Lu Huai's house to borrow because of his brother's sudden disappearance. Her brother specially helped her find accommodation before leaving. To Jingxi's surprise, it's her brother's friend's house. It's quite rich · # on the first day of living, Jing Xi kissed Lu Huai. I thought it would be over. Who would have thought this was the beginning · however, as time went by, Lu Huai found that he liked Jing Xi. At the same time, he also found that Jing Xi also liked him. When Lu Huai confessed, "kid, I found that I seem to like you, so do you want to fall in love with my brother and give your life to you!" Jing Xi: "I don't need your life, I just need your heart!" · # intention: one of the things she wants to do most is to spoil him # # this article is purely fictional and has no prototype # # poor writing, don't spray # # warm tips: Sweet text, no sweet money ~# roses will rot and wither sooner or later, but their romance will last forever

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