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Of course monsters play games

Of course monsters play games

Of course monsters play games

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    Of course monsters play games
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    The little broken bone flew away
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    Passion Novel
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2022-03-16 04:18:48
The times are developing and science and technology are progressing of course, monsters also want to play games is the outside world developing so fast... looking at the manual and the "game warehouse" in front of me, the big monster mistia murmured. however, as a fashion pioneer among monsters, I have to play with this thing ~ the chance determines the "fantasy land" the entanglement between demons and people, the mixture of game and reality... is it monsters that completely overwhelm humans, or do humans exterminate monsters? or... The coexistence of the two? a new online game has become the front line of confrontation and cooperation between monsters and humans... temptation, deception, betrayal and Loyalty... she is not only an ignorant girl, but also lives in human society In this chaotic era, can mistia put the world of human demon coexistence back on track, or explore the truth behind the whole world?

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