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After wearing the book, I just want to avoid him

After wearing the book, I just want to avoid him

After wearing the book, I just want to avoid him

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    After wearing the book, I just want to avoid him
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    Tequila is good
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    Light Novel
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2021-12-19 23:50:47
Wen ran found himself wearing a dog blood novel. In his later years, the emperor was fatuous and lecherous. The east hall was in charge of the imperial court. The royal guards killed officials indiscriminately. The male Prince Gu Yan'an launched the palace transformation and ascended the throne. Later, he accidentally met the female leader Bai Jiaojiao and fell in love at first sight. He began the bitter triangle of dog blood stewing with the male leader Ye Mingyu for love she was very lucky. She didn't dress up as a hostess or a vicious girl. She was just a passer-by who didn't mention it in the book. Wen ran happily bought a string of firecrackers and was happy like the new year as a result, Shangxiang met crown prince Gu Yan'an, who was framed and fell on the roadside. Wen ran didn't see it when I went to a temple fair and heard the prince conspiring loudly with others, Wen ran didn't hear it the restaurant for dinner is reserved by the prince, and the prince will go away in a warm and smooth manner when I went out to throw garbage in the morning, I saw the prince standing at the door of her house with soldiers ready to attack the palace. Wen ran was holding a garbage bag in his hand and facing Gu Yan'an immediately "I didn't see anything. I don't know anything. Bye bye bye. I'm sorry." Wen ran, who ran away in a hurry, was pulled back by someone pulling his hair. Gu Yan'an's narrow peach eyes narrowed slightly, his eyes were playful, and his voice was cold. "How many times have you been released, how dare you come up?" Wen ran called me to wipe. This is her fucking home * Chengfu's deep paranoia, Yan Kong's psychotic crown prince, x-mouth gun, full of skills, has a strong desire to survive

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