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Ancestor, she said the survival game was weak

Ancestor, she said the survival game was weak

Ancestor, she said the survival game was weak

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    Ancestor, she said the survival game was weak
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    Just see the words
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    Only Novel
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2023-05-12 19:09:22
"Congratulations on your successful login to the survival game. Here, let's open the door to a new world!" a whisper awakened Shang Yirou in an instant the popular holographic game in the 24th century -- [nightmare] suddenly can only log in and can't quit. Countless people have really entered this veritable "nightmare game" the dark undersea ancient city, intricate tunnel mechanisms, 49 strange players... the prompt sound of the system is strange. There is no gender, no money status, and the reality and game are completely chaotic. Only by relying on their own game can they survive the randomly moving secret room, the mysterious song of the mermaid, the sea water that may flow in at any time, the life and death PK of four retreats and three retreats between the seven teams... Everything tells Shang Yirou that she has also entered the nightmare game [system prompt]: congratulations to player Shang Yirou for successfully cracking the copy world view [copy prompt]: congratulations to the player's success in accessing the copy... [system]: "why can you always pass customs?" Shang Yirou: "do you really think I slept for more than 200 years?" (don't ask, don't ask, the male leader is Ji Chao)

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