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After reincarnation, I won

After reincarnation, I won

After reincarnation, I won

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    After reincarnation, I won
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    Shangguan mengzi'er
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    Wind Book
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2022-01-21 12:39:33
Bai Meng finally succeeded in reincarnation after his death, but he really broke his heart in order to be born successfully. Not only are they afraid that they will be exiled accidentally, but also that they will be forcibly exiled by their unscrupulous father. Bai Meng reluctantly stalls: "I'm really too difficult." later, Bai Meng finds that he likes a person. As a result, the other party's status is too high, and they are completely unable to be together seeing this, her teacher had to secretly bind someone to her bed and said with a serious face: Although I can't be a companion with him, it's the same when I took him unilaterally Bai Meng's eyes brightened when she heard the speech. Her teacher is really a clever ghost. The next day, she rubbed her sour waist and asked the system to locate her. She was preparing to run away secretly as a result, a low voice came from behind her: what? You want to run when you sleep Bai Meng was shocked when he heard the speech. He was like a frightened deer trying to escape. As a result, the waist was hooked by a strong hand the person behind her said: since you have provoked me, don't try to escape (Xinmeng asks for support by opening a book, collecting, monthly tickets, recommended tickets and giving rewards (#) _) )