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My son is a villain

My son is a villain

My son is a villain

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    My son is a villain
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    Beihai Fengyun 0723
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    18ws Read
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2021-12-14 19:26:43
Lin Yin and the demon xiutan moon duel in the cultivation world broke the space barrier due to their excessive strength, crossed into modern society and fell in love with a noble childe when she gave birth to a son, she found that she was wearing books. In a world where two books blend, her son turned out to be a villain. In order that the world would not collapse, she asked her son Shen Zimo's stepmother Lin Yin felt heartache for abusing him, hurting him, and hurting her body again... SHEN Zimo was pushed down the fifth floor by the instructor of the juvenile detention center in order to save Li Wenbo. Lin Yin sensed that at that time, regardless of whether the world would collapse, she flew up and down to pick up the teenager he vomited blood at his mouth and swallowed the pain in his five internal organs. He couldn't keep the instructor's appearance. Shen Zimo murmured "stepmother..." Xiao Jing saw the situation and immediately washed away the memory of everyone present... but he forgot another book, the villain Li Wenbo. He retained his memory. At that moment, he was shocked and thought silently in his heart "Shen Zimo, you are happy. If it were me, it would be worth dying, but no one loves me..."