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The dumb diviner of Ke Xue world

The dumb diviner of Ke Xue world

The dumb diviner of Ke Xue world

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    The dumb diviner of Ke Xue world
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    Discerning mind
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    Weixin Book
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2022-01-10 08:00:35
Without dismantling the official match, the female owner has a lover. He comes out late. When it comes to the finale, she can watch as if there is no CP text. There are few magical elements for the person she loves, she chooses to leave the world she has always known and is forced to go to a strange world alone her goal is to leave Mingke's world, but she didn't expect to become friends with Xiaolan garden. She even met Heiyu kuadou and Conan. In fact, I'm not interested in how you get smaller I was told by the protagonist that the main line should stimulate the system, get a simple system and gain a powerful enemy. Jian Chen, I have no intention of provoking you because of a case, her nemesis Jianchen thought she joined the public security, so Jianchen joined the winery. Jianchen also has a system. He knows who the undercover is. You're in danger in order not to derail the plot too much and trade with Jianggu zero, he helped her solve Jian Chen and she helped him solve the seemingly zero group case, so that Jianggu zero wouldn't try back and forth on the death line saved Miyano Mingmei under the pseudonym of Aoyama Sakura... stole hiroshu Zetian under the pseudonym of Aoyama Chenyang... finally, Matsuta Chuping? Aren't you dead? What happened again? Oh, I saved you. Have you been abroad for three years? Huh? No, I don't remember how I saved you... tarot cards, the way for the female master to go home, the female master's weapons, and the female master's divination tools.

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