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Great God, your MVP is sweet!

Great God, your MVP is sweet!

Great God, your MVP is sweet!

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    Great God, your MVP is sweet!
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    Beautiful snake demon
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2023-01-31 09:48:15
With the encouragement of his roommate, Chi mengke downloaded the king's glory after playing with her roommate all afternoon, Yao Mei, the opposite brother of yewang, was proud and cheered: "Yao Mei, the opposite brother, do you want to play together in the next game? Your yewang can't do it." sister yewang was angry: "smelly boy! You can't do it!" at the end of the game, her roommate was tired: "coco, you go, I want to be quiet." so, Chi mengke began his Canyon life with the strange wild king a great God: "it's good for you to practice in the middle first. Come and help me fly." a few seconds later, Chi mengke lay in line with the body of the great God the great God also explained that Shiyin's great move was to return blood to him. For big? The great God didn't say when to give it for the first time, Chi Meng didn't lead the great God and died with the great God; The second time, Chi Meng had just opened, and the great God had died; The third time, Chi mengke just opened a group to Da, and the great God was killed again "Xiao Ming, you go, I want to be quiet." sobbing, he was despised by the great God he found that the little waste on the Internet was his own little green plum. Muluo groped and began to cheat, so that Chi mengke could have an online love affair with him love in the canyon grew slowly. Later, on the first day of online love, Chi mengke found that the great God was Muluo, the great God of the school of finance, and even the brother Zhuma who left without saying goodbye a few years ago... "great God, let's break up." we were going to be safe, but the fate was so incredible, so, Our male Lord has greatly started his vast road of chasing his wife

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