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Entering your world is luck

Entering your world is luck

Entering your world is luck

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    Entering your world is luck
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    Hula Hula
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    Qishi Book
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2022-07-02 21:14:19
Once, the arrogant Xiao Yuanzhou thought he was an insulator of the opposite sex. But when he met the girl in his life, he compromised Lu Zhiyi, a cheerful and lively girl, hardly knows that she is loved by such an excellent man. But there was no way, because Lu Zhiyi had to marry Chen Mo, a man she didn't love. The night before her marriage, Xiao Yuanzhou, who was once arrogant, looked at Lu Zhiyi in despair, "I gave up the world for you. Why can't you give up marriage for me." Lu Zhiyi smiled faintly. What happened before us, Let it become a past warm tips: this novel is a modern romance, 1v1, SC