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He had a crush on me

He had a crush on me

He had a crush on me

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    He had a crush on me
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    A light
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On the mobile phone screen, the host said excitedly: "this year's winner, Wei Lin. congratulations to Mr. Wei, who has won the throne again." the film flowers on the big screen flashed by, and the spotlight was aimed at the men under the stage the clean figure of the man stood up slowly. He was wearing a fit suit with a snow-white collar and cuffs a familiar face appears on the big screen, a pair of clear peach blossom eyes, a straight bridge of the nose, thin and curved lips, and a perfectly curved jaw line after finishing the clothes, Wei Lin stepped onto the stage amid the attention and applause Cheng Zong frowned and thought deeply on the beautiful facial features cage, which seemed extremely rigorous. No wonder all the graduate students she took said that she was the youngest professor in the school and the most frightening Wei Lin's award-winning speech is extremely concise, and the host is very dissatisfied. The film emperor has been saying these words for several years. What's the meaning the camera is aimed at the actresses under the stage, all staring at Wei Lin, and one of the admirers will overflow the screen the screen is full of bullets: "if I go, Jin Ran is worthy of my male god. Move the camera away quickly." Cheng Zong jumped in his heart. Yu Qing and Xu Youran told her that Wei Lin will be eaten by the goblins if you don't return home the host said: "Oh, this year's ceremony seems to be another great opportunity for actresses to appreciate teacher Wei Lin. do you want to pay for tickets. it seems that if she doesn't go back, she and Wei Lin really don't have a chance. this is a pseudo high cold (silly sweet) learning bully beauty architect + real high cold (awkward Department) The story of super handsome and high-ranking male film emperor. Writing Style: Full Score for sweetness

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