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Women deserve her valiant bearing

Women deserve her valiant bearing

Women deserve her valiant bearing

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    Women deserve her valiant bearing
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    Quiet and comfortable
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    The One Book
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Caption: all the past is a preface the first story: the ancient talented woman wore 70 the proud woman of the door, who was both literate and martial, wore back 73 years and returned to her first life in that life, she was secretly changed and became a stepping stone for the happy life of a fake family in this life, she resolutely refused to cooperate, and her life should be decided by herself she wants to enter Peking University, go to Tsinghua University and become a top student in the highest University her bright life starts with the beautiful small block letters of hairpin flowers this article consists of many slow wear stories, such as time, modern, Republic of China, ancient, interstellar and ancient; Farming, house fighting, crossing, rebirth, ancient and modern, everything. The so-called slow wear is a story that is slightly longer than fast wear these stories are mainly about farming and follow the line of inspiration, struggle and counter attack.

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