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Royal Highness Princess Online

Royal Highness Princess Online

Royal Highness Princess Online

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    Royal Highness Princess Online
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    Tiger and cat in the castle
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    Cool Novel
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2022-05-03 13:04:10
The beginning was the princess. I thought I could lie down and win. I didn't expect it to be the princess of the cold palace. When I accepted the reality and planned to come to the cold palace to farm and survive, the country would be destroyed in three days, and then I would become the princess of the subjugation Xue Qingluo felt God's deep malice towards her. She managed to survive among the palace maids by mixing with some smart people, and then was hit by the second cargo system. The Buddha system lived for seconds and became extremely fast to survive cannon fodder survival system: the host has two hours left to count down your life. Please try to complete the task: let the governor praise you once from the heart, which can reward you for safely spending today without disease and disaster Xue Qingluo stared at the words "no disease, no disaster" and almost burned through the four words. She encouraged herself to complete the task well the cold and dignified governor shook inexplicably and felt a little cold: it's cold. I'd better copy the Shangshu adult who doesn't like our family today< Br> this is a inspirational history of Princess Royal's crazy online survival. Xue Qingluo thought her first half life was a textbook diary. Br > the governor felt that this was Xue Qingluo, the treasure he had dug up since his rebirth. He must pack it and keep it away from anyone fake counsellor Bao zhenxijing's subjugated Princess vs zhenzhenjing's sub governor

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