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Space blessing female good farming

Space blessing female good farming

Space blessing female good farming

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    Space blessing female good farming
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    Night cold Catalpa
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    Passion Novel
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2022-05-10 04:44:02
The life was too hard and she died too miserably. The old fairy said to let her live again, but who knows that there is only worse in the world, not the worst... a family of four lives in a pig slaughtering shed, and there is no hope. Life is hard and worse JIANG Jingxue wants to cry without tears! what? No one has to pay tax? Do you still have that money at home? I have to marry myself out quickly! The village head Hu family boy is good JIANG Jingxue directly blocked the door. "Hey, since you can't marry me, I can't marry out. Let's make a living together? Look at your sword eyebrows and stars, I'm pretty and lovely, and I don't suffer." the Hu family boy looked at her lightly, "you can marry me, but can you read?" JIANG Jingxue, "... You're embarrassing me." met a ruyi Lang, When they hit it off, the husband and wife planted good fields with one heart. The beautiful scenery was all over the countryside. They planted a bad melon, but they got a good fruit. The family was surrounded by walls and big houses. They became rich and envied others.

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