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Tiangong Chuang beast

Tiangong Chuang beast

Tiangong Chuang beast

Rating: 9 / 10 from 10664 ratings
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    Tiangong Chuang beast
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    Jiang Lifu Zhi
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    18ws Read
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Tianqing, where did she come from in the world, no one knows whether there was Emperor Tianqing, the leader of the Tiangong minority 100000 years ago, or yuntianqing, the sixth miss of the cloud family 100000 years later, even Tianqing himself this question is like whether there is a chicken or an egg in the world. Under the action of the torrent of history and in the chaotic time and space, there is no answer at all but at least, we can follow a timeline to connect the stories of emperor Tianqing and cloud Tianqing. in the background of the world, I am just a little person but on my stage, I am the only light left in the world if the whole world doesn't want to give Tiangong a way to live, I'll take everyone to accompany Tiangong to hell-- Sky tilt

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